How Does It Work

Book your PARAGLIDING TANDEM FLIGHT by getting in touch with us through the Contact Us page or by calling the +39 3923808719.
The day of the flight we will meet each other at the meeting point at the defined time and will reach the take off location together by cablecar or with a jeep.


Easy as ABC!

The experience is suitable for everyone, there is no need for specific physical nor athletical preparation. A professional pilot will take care of everything.
The minimum age required to access the flying experience is set to 6 years. The only requirement, in turn, is the capability of performing a small run for taking off. The passenger must weight between 30 kg and 100 kg.
Our team is also allowed to let people with disabilities fly with us.

3,2,1 Take Off!

It is like that that a tandem flight begins.
A remarkable, unique experience, which is safe at the same time.
Taking off with a paraglider is not the same as jumping with a parachute. The take off happens on a slightly sloped hill: after having checked that the wing opened in the correct manner, a little run is enough to feel the ground disappear from underneath our feet. Also who suffers from vertigo can experience the emotion of flying: being sit and in constant motion, vertigo is perceived in a less severe manner.



The emotions that you will feel during the flight are incredibles.
Relax yourself and enjoy this instant of absolute freedom.

We will be comfortably sitting in the harness, enjoying the view of the Dolomites from a brand new perspective. If the view and the feelings of the flight itself are not enough, we also offer something special for the adrenaline addicted: at your request, the pilot will perform different maneuvers and your body will experiment the power of centripetal forces, like on a rollercoaster!

A Sweet Landing!

Just a few steps and.. Back to Earth!
Sooner or later, also the most beautiful paragliding flight must come to an end. Depending on the weather conditions, we will able to also land on tiptoe. You can withdraw videos and pictures of your flight immediately after the landing.


How do I book a tandem flight?

The reservation can be made online through our website, following the instructions provided on the home page, or directly by calling the number: +39 3923808719.

The timings will be defined by the secretary, taking into consideration slot availability and will be communicated to you at the time of the booking.

Yes, limited by the availability of pilots. Generally, numerous groups will be split among different time-slots. Our secretary will take care of organizing your experience in the best way possible. Obviously, you will fly on different gliders with different pilots. The sooner you book, the easier it will be to better organise your day.

It is possible to require modification of date and time within 48 hours before the previous appointment.

It is possible to require the cancellation of my booking up to 48 hours before the flight to take place.

If a flight shell be delated due to adverse meteorological conditions, a new appointment will be immediately defined. If it is not possible to find a new suitable date for you to fly with us, you will receive a voucher, that will last one year long.

Wear trekking shoes and a jacket. Sunglasses are highly recommended.

Who want to assist to your flight can stay at the landing spot and see your landing.

Yes! The tandem fly is the ideal starting-point for everyone who never had flying experiences before, as much as no particular attitudes or abilities are required. It will be sufficient to run for a short while following the instructions of the pilot, and the ground will be already far from your feet.

Yes, since vertigo is perceived in a less severe manner while flying thanks to the constant motion: who suffer from vertigo is particularly sensible when there are fixed reference points, i.e. when looking off a balcony or when being close to the edge of a cliff.