Book your flight!

Book your PARAGLIDING TANDEM FLIGHT by getting in touch with us through the Contact Us page or by calling the +39 3923808719.
The day of the flight we will meet at the meeting point at the defined time and will reach the take off location together by cablecar or with a jeep both included in the price.
All flights includ photo, video HD and customized bandana so that you take home a nice souvenir!

Kids Tandem

Kids Tandem!


Did you know that also children with a minimum age of 6 years can fly with us?
That of flying is a playful and educational experience that will allow your kids to experience a feeling of freedom never felt before.
Accompany your children in an unforgettable adventure is something you can’t miss: when also mom and dad are there, the fun grows exponentially!

Standard Tandem

Standard Tandem!


Easy and fun!
An easy and relaxing glide in calm conditions to experience the art of flight for the first time. Leave your shadow on the ground and move you feet freely in the air, how does it feel?

Termik Tandem

Termik Tandem!


The flight for the ones who are already familiar with flying and want to experience the emotion of being pushed by the generous updrafts and thermals found close to mountains’ walls.

Cross Tandem

Fun Tandem!


More than a simple glide, but not as challenging as a Termik flight.
The flight to put yourself to the test! We will start like a normal flight, untill we arrive above the lake. At this point, you will have the chance to try and pilot the glider, making some turns!
To finish, some cool acrobatic maneuver, spiral and wingover.

Sunset Tandem

Sunset Tandem!


Only for a few!
The take off for this fly is set in a special location: Canfedin peak (2050 mt.).
Enjoy the moment while having a 360° view over the Lakes’ Valley on one side and the Brenta’s Dolomites on the other, as the Molveno lake will stay beneath our feet. (Min. 2 persons – max 4)

combo Tandem

Combo Air-Water!

coming soon

A combo package to join air and water experiences!
A tandem flight to glide through the skies, a raft to to fight the turbulent water of river Noce.
The cooperation with Ursus Adventure leads to an incomparable offer!